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Feb 17 2012
KitchenfittingsDirect | Learn how to clean kitchen handles

Learn how to clean kitchen handles

Whether you are fitting a new kitchen, selling your home, or just simply want to improve the look of your kitchen, cleaning your kitchen handles can create a very positive perception of your home and it's value. When people choose to buy a home, often times they can not pinpoint the reason why they like a house and this is down to perception of what they deem to be the home they want to move into. Making subtle changes like cleaning kitchen handles improves the entire look of the house as a whole.

Here is one of my favorite techniques to use just for the fact that it is a real home remedy. Mix one part cold water with distilled white vinegar adding one table spoon of lemon juice using a spray bottle to mix the ingredients. Spray a cloth with this mixture and wipe the entire kitchen handles including over the hole centers and then use a dry cloth to dry.

If the kitchen handles are particularly dirty, it might be wise to use some washing up liquid in a sink that does not contain bleach as it can permanently stain the handles and use implements such as an old tooth brush, and a toothpick to remove hard to reach gunk.

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