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Feb 17 2012
KitchenFittingsDirect | Kitchen Storage Tips

Kitchen Storage Tips

It is important not only to make the most of the space available in your kitchen, but to make your kitchen work for you. Different fittings and accessories can make life in the kitchen, that little bit more easier.


When seeking to maximise your kitchen storage space, there is a few simple tips as well as products that you can use to achieve this. It is important to try and use alternative storage within other rooms of the home for appliances and cooking equipment that you don’t always use such as a big clumpy old sandwich maker. In your kitchen, counter space rules, be sure to use your drawers, cupboards, and racks to free up your counter space. When it comes to appliances, try and store them close to your sockets which will mean less wires stretching across the kitchen and less chance of them getting wet.

Where to Store

An important part of kitchen storage is keeping the most used utensils overhead in your cabinets; this is where utensils, dishes, or pots that you want close at hand should be kept. Larger and heavier items should be kept in lower cabinets. Cleaning chemicals and bleach should also be kept on the bottom cabinets for hygiene reasons preventing the chance of any chemicals leaking down onto food surfaces.



When using a pan, turn the handles in so they are above the work surface, not the heat, to avoid them getting caught and pulled down. A build up of grease in the grill pan, can be a fire hazard so remember to clean it as soon as you finish using it.