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Feb 17 2012
KitchenFittingsDirect | Adding kitchen handles and knobs

Adding kitchen handles and knobs

More and more people are deciding to give their kitchen a new look than ever before in a way that does not break the bank. The economic downturn has stalled the amount of people completely renovating their kitchen, and so, people have come up with new ways to completely change the look of their kitchen.


One of the most popular methods is to hand paint your kitchen in accordance with some of the popular paint colors and to choose a new range of kitchen handles or knobs. From modern and contemporary, to classic and traditional, the styles are endless.

One of the most common problems people have is finding handles to match their exact hole centers. This problem can often limit the range and style that you really want. If you do decide on both new handles and a new colour kitchen, wood filler gives you the freedom and flexibility in choosing the handles you want. Therefore it is important that your decision is based solely on the new painted color and on the ideal matching handles. So If you have 96mm hole centers, don’t be afraid to choose 128mm handles If they are your desired preference.

It is then important to follow these steps;


  1. 1. Remove the old handles from your kitchen units.
  2. 2. Fill old hole centers with wood filler and leave set.
  3. 3. Sand over the area so that the surface is even.
  4. 4. Then paint your unit as required.
  5. 5. Now, install hole centers as required for you new handles.

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Chrome knobs