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Aug 31 2012
KitchenFittingsDirect | Wood Screws, Knock Down Fittings, Fixings and Caps

Wood Screws, Knock Down Fittings, Fixings and Caps

Essential Wood ScrewsKnock Down FittingsScrew and Fixings, all at Wholesale prices

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timber dowel
jointing biscuit
self adhesive cap

hammer fix

Free Delivery on orders of €75 or more,anywhere in Ireland.

Our range includes:

We have all the essential Knock Down Fittings needed to assemble anything from Beds to Cabinets. We have a complete range of screws and fixings needed for your kitchen fittings and our prices on all our essential KD Fittings, screw fixings and wood screws come at wholesale prices.


SISO is a Danish company who manufacture a broad range of high quality furniture fittings and who supply KFD with KD Fittings, cupboard locks, wardrobe fittings and castors/legs. Since their foundation in 1956, SISO has always put its emphasis on quality at an affordable price for the customer.
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