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Jan 12 2011
KitchenFittingsDirect | Kitchen Trends

Kitchen Trends


According to websites kitchenindex.ie and homedit.com

"When planning a kitchen in 2011, the key areas to focus on are door design, color, texture, shape and materials,"

Door Design - With classical or traditional kitchen styles, the door design are more simple than before, with design using shaker style doors, even with in-frame kitchens. This gives off a very classic be-spoke look.

Colour - Designer and homeowners are becoming more adventurous when choosing cabinet colors with many opting for subtle colors, especially in contemporary and modern designs. Subtle colors could be in the way of gloss or matt doors in a modern kitchen or even warm wood textures. Mixing both paint colors and wood textures is a massive trend at the moment and is only going to gain in popularity. For classical and traditional kitchen styles, off white painted kitchens are still popular but bolder kitchens are starting to come through. For solid wood kitchens, oak and walnut are still going to be as popular as ever.

Pronorm Black Brown Pine
Mixed two tone kitchen by Leicht


Texture - The style of your kitchen will depend on the texture you choose. A contemporary kitchen should have a choice between a high gloss and matt finish. Expect to see more matt gloss finishes in 2011.

Shape - Curves or straight lines? Curves are significant in classical and traditional kitchens where softer edges  is the key trend. For contemporary kitchens, sleek, sharp lines stay in vogue.

According to skeptics, trends are considered to just be temporary fads, appearing on day, and passing the next. However, if you look closer, there are some trends that stay quite consistent. Natural stone counter tops and kitchen islands were once considered a fad, but are now established and very popular. Kitchen islands and kitchen accessories are also very practical.

This year, kitchen designers predict a big move towards Kitchen Lighting in 2011. Built in LED Lights that can change color, help create unique kitchen design according to the owners style and preferences.

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