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Oct 28 2016

When it comes to installing a new kitchen, installing baskets, or even putting the finishing touches like downlights and plinth lights, the handyman's toolbox full of various tools is needed. To keep up with the times, We now stock an array of tools that are specially tailored to the kitchen trade. Keeping in mind, it is for the installation of various kitchen components. We have split up our new tools Category into 5 key Areas:



Power tools



When it comes to Power tools, the question you have to ask yourself is what exactly your going to be doing with them. Does it needed to be corded?, Does it need to be cordless and take anywhere? What size battery is best to use? How to get replacement batteries?. Here at Kitchen Fittings Direct, we have compiled a short list of what is needed in the Kitchen trade. It has to be Portable, Easy to use, Lightweight in the hand for continuous use, and universal, and most of all Budget friendly. Tala tools and their range of Drills, saws, and Circular Saws therefore are ideal for the Kitchen fitter on the go.



Hand Tools



We now a have a range of hand tools from a mixture of tool brands. With measuring and cutting being one of the major focuses, We have gone with a range of Hand Saws, Slab Knifes , Measuring tapes Screwdrivers and Marking tools , all chosen with budget and branding in mind. The category has been split up in a way that it tailors to all customers.


Power tool Accessories


When it comes to power tools, they are only useful when they have the accessories with them. A Drill is no good without drill bits, A Jigsaw is no good without blades, and a Router is no good without Router Bits. For that reason, We now stock power tool accessories to suit the everyday DIYer. If your just starting off and you want Drill bit and wall plug set, or you just want to find a replacement Makita Jigsaw blade, it now can be got at Kitchen Fittings Direct.
When it comes to Router technology, only one brand should come to mind, Trend. Out for years and now adapted to fit your every needs, these Router bits and jigs can be found in our Trend Category. When it comes to finding the ideal Bit for Rounding Over, and even to Drilling Door Hinge holes, their is a Trend bit that will fit your needs. All trend products from the Jigs to hold the router, to the Cleaner spray for cleaning the bits afterwards, can be found here at Kitchen Fittings Direct.

Last but not least is the Miscellaneous tools. In this Part of our tool Section, is the tools that don't exactly fit in with the hand and power tools but in a way complement them. In this Section, Toolboxes for handy storage, PPE clothing and Nail guns can be found. Toolboxes being important for being the safe storage of Drill bits and Router Bits when not in use. All can be found here, and With Next Day Delivery in Ireland, can be sourced quickly and efficiently in Ireland.


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